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Default sever messed up

the other day i could,nt log into beta 3 all day finaly got on late tea time .

never thought much of it as lots of people were posting having problems ..

this tea time {ish) i am still having problems logging into beta 3 i have even tried joining beta 1 but the same problem there

is this a server problem that is been investigated and sorted or are we going to have an unstable server

the reason i ask is when i joined i enjoyed the game and have recently invested a small amount of cash in updating my foreman etc

if the server is going to continue been unstable the i must seriously think about inputting any further cash into the game

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Barbosa and admins have been working on the servers to improve them. During this time, there are going to be down-times, such as right now as of this posting. Be patient and it will be better in the long run.

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Default update

will this be done by tomorrow morning or will it be like a week
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